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Signal 11 received if --resolvedeps and single quotes in %post

Hi and... Help!

I have two nearly identical ks.cfg files.  One which works, and one which
generates a signal 11 very early during the install.  This signal 11 occurs
almost immediately after the broken ks.cfg is downloaded from the NFS server.
Here are the two ks.cfg files in question, their diff, and my hand-typed output
from the various virtual terminals:





The only difference between the two is how a variable is set in %post.  The
working script uses double quotes to set a variable, while the broken script
uses single quotes spanning multiple lines.     However, it's my belief that
this should have no impact so early during the install process since it's not
even begun to install packages let alone %post.

One final interesting fact is the use of --resolvedeps.  If you remove
--resolvedeps from the broken.cfg's %package, the signal 11 does *not* occur.

I'm new at this, so I'm not sure where to begin.  What additional information
should I provide to help diagnose this problem?

Target Platform:
PC Clone (P3 - 500Mhz)

Kickstart Data:
RH8 (but fails with 7.3 and 9.0 as well)
RedHat bootnet floppy created from bootnet.img from the CD
ks via NFS.

Thanks in advance,


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