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anaconda bug for hd installs

There's a bug in anaconda that I'd like to mention in case
others are trying to do the same thing.  Let me know via e-mail
if you think it should be bugzilla'd.

The basic question is 'how do you kickstart a drive, from iso
images in a partition on that same drive'.

Picture a system with one disk drive, that when running
has three partitions:
  hda1 = /
  hda2 = a partition containing iso images you kickstart from
  hda3 = swap

Assuming you put the ks.cfg for a system in the partition containing
the iso images, to kickstart the hard disk, you'd boot off of cdrom or
floppy etc. and specify:
     ks ks=hd:hda2/ks.cfg

So if you have the iso images on hda2:/rh9, then your ks.cfg file
would specify where to get the iso images as follows:
     harddrive --partition=hda2 --dir=/rh9
and it would specify the partions you wanted to use, which have to
be there already (either a %pre stanza or a previously kickstarted
     part / --fstype ext3 --onpart hda1
     part swap --onpart hda3

You'd think that you could also specify the partition containing the iso
images and simply say 'do not format' it as follows:
     part /mnt/iso_images --fstype ext3 --noformat --onpart hda2

You can't.  That's the bug.

If you do so, anaconda gets all the way through the formatting of
hda1, and explodes right about where it attempts to install the first
rpm. If you look through the stack trace, it's basically reporting a device

What I think is happening is that anaconda mounts hda2 to get to the
iso images (to mount them in loopback).  It then tries to mount the same
partition to potentially install stuff there, device busy error, boom!

The key is to 'not' specify a "part" line in ks.cfg for the partition containing
your iso images.

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