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Re: cdboot.img.......Cannot find Redhat CD in drive....Alain canyou help me

On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:46:37 -0500
Paul Pianta [Paul] wrote:

Paul> mmm that bloody .discinfo file cause more grief than its worth on this 
Paul> list ...

yes, you're sure right :-)

Paul> should we be thinking about a solution to the problem?
Paul> i think the problem arises when people do a 'cp -a /mnt/cdrom/*  
Paul> /customCD/' and the '.' files are not copied over ... which leads to the 
Paul> question ...
Paul> does it really need to be named with a period? why not simply 'discinfo'?

maybe because it concerns just a few persons, and that there 
is no need for the users to worry about this file ?
but I agree it would be much more comfortable not to see this
problem coming here each time someone wants to make a custom CD.

Paul> just throwing the idea out ... i know backwards compatibility is gonna 
Paul> be an issue but if its never changed then its always gonna frustrate a 
Paul> few newcomers to the ever increasing gang of 'cd customizers' that hang 
Paul> out around here.

how about an anaconda FAQ ?


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