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Re: anaconda FAQ

On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:47:07 -0800
Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

|> Yes, I would be interested in helping.  Perhaps this could be part of 
|> the fedora documentation project?

not sure this is the best place for this:

" The goal of the Docs Project is to create easy-to-follow, task-based
documentation for Fedora Core users and developers. Other than the Fedora
Core Installation Guide, each tutorial should be in DocBook XML article
format, with one article per topic. This way, writers can contribute
documentation about a specific topic without having to worry about how it
fits into a manual or how it flows with other topics. "

an article about creating a {RH,FC}-based distro, why not,
but this is much more different than a FAQ.

after, it may be interresting to have RH AS as well as FC related 
problems included, so this would concern more than just "Fedora 
Core users and developers".


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