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Re: How to build comps.rpm

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

Toralf Lund wrote:

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

In the tarball, there is a comps-redhat.spec file for building the rpm.

No, I can't find one in the tar.gz available via the above mentioned page.

Oops. You are right. The comps-redhat.spec file is in the comps src.rpm package (comps-9-0.20030313.src.rpm for Red Hat 9).

Yes, of course. Don't know why I didn't look for that right away. I guess I kind of imagined that the src.rpm would not be available on the normal location, since comps.rpms isn't in the usual RPMS directory... And I wanted to know if there was anything else special with this rpm, of course...

I've now made the following modification for my local setup (they are not strictly necessary, but make life easier):

--- comps-redhat.spec   2003/11/07 08:24:53     1.1
+++ comps-redhat.spec   2003/11/07 08:49:24
@@ -1,3 +1,13 @@
+# Special proCaptura setup:
+# We know dist tree is built on ./<version>, i.e. base is
+# ./<version>/RedHat/base (which is also where we want to put the RPM); set
+# build macros accordingly
+%define basedir %{compsversion}/RedHat/base
+%define _rpmdir %{basedir}
+%define _rpmfilename %%{NAME}.rpm
+%define _builddir .
# This hack (taken from rpmdb-redhat) is needed for building alternative
# platform databases on a single arch using rpm's --target flag
%define _arch %{_target_cpu}

And successfully built comps.rpm for (modified) Red Hat 9 via

rpmbuild -bb --define 'compsversion 9' comps-redhat.spec


- Toralf

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