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Encrypted root filesystem support

Hi, my name is Mike Petullo and I'm new to the anaconda-devel mailing

I am interested in adding to Anaconda support for installing Linux
using an loopback encrypted root filesystem.  I have a bit of experience
with doing this by hand as I maintain an initrd and some utilities I used
to encrypt the root partition on my iBook.  I also wrote a semi-related
article for the August Linux Journal describing how to transparently
encrypt home directories.  I think these are important features for
certain circumstances and would like to make it easier to implement them
on a system.

I have two questions for those of you who are more experiences with
hacking anaconda:

1.  Would the powers that be be interested in applying an encrypted root
patch to the mainstream anaconda sources?

2.  When working with anaconda, what is the best way to test?  I don't
want to create installation media each time I make a change to anaconda.
Also, I would like to be able to test my changes without sacrificing a
real disk partition.  Is this possible?  Does anaconda have some sort
of test mode?



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