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Re: Encrypted root filesystem support

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, W. Michael Petullo wrote:

> 1.  Would the powers that be be interested in applying an encrypted root
> patch to the mainstream anaconda sources?

I personally think that would be pretty cool, and shouldn't be too 
difficult to do either.  I'm not sure if support for the encrypted kernel 
is built into the BOOT kernel or not, but you'll need to rebuild the 
various stage2 images w/ the proper module and utils for getting it going 
and then modify fsset.py to add a new class for the filesystem type.

> 2.  When working with anaconda, what is the best way to test?  I don't
> want to create installation media each time I make a change to anaconda.
> Also, I would like to be able to test my changes without sacrificing a
> real disk partition.  Is this possible?  Does anaconda have some sort
> of test mode?

Depending on which part of the installer I'm using I'll test different 
ways.  You can put it in test mode and have it pop up an X display locally 
(or even remotely) which won't trash your hard drive, but I find that when 
I add a filesystem that's not all that useful.  If I really want to see 
if a filesystem is working or not I just build an ISO and test it in a 
VM.  Also, since all this stuff is in OO python modules, it's usually 
easy to rig up test scripts so that you can run things stand-alone and 
not bring up the entire anaconda environment.


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