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Re: XFS and Anaconda - JFS Labels

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 23:40, Ajay Ramaswamy wrote:
> On Sunday 09 Nov 2003 10:25 am, you wrote:
> > Sure, I haven't taken the time to look closely enough at JFS to figure
> > out it's labeling stuff, but if you have and want to send a patch, I'd
> > be glad to add it.  I think that reiserfs also has some labeling
> > functionality, but I haven't looked at it either.
> I have come up with these bits to add JFS label support in anaconda please 
> take a look at this.

Looks good, thanks.  Committed.

> You will need to integrate 2 more changes one in partedUtils and the other in 
> readFSLabel which was in my XFS patch. The second one would benefit if isys 
> could do isValidwhatever otherwise I would have to do something like

Hmmm... I want to look at this code a bit and come up with a better way
to factor it out and make sure I move it to the right place.  But the
end game will be that you can easily call the isValidFoo() method and
assume that works.

> Next I will go off and poke around with reiserfs.

Sounds good.  

Another thing I thought of this morning is that for this to be really
useful, mount is going to need the "find the labels" for the other fs's
-- I'm not sure which filesystems mount currently supports mounting by
label, but we probably want to make sure that any of them that anaconda
labels by default can actually be mounted that way :-)

Cheers and thanks again,


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