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Re: extracting XFree86 file from anaconda install


I think that anaconda would simply have used the generic VGA driver.  I
have no concrete evidence for this, but I think that this is what it does.

Therefore you could try to get the server running just using a default VGA
driver; bare in mind that this will be limited to 16 colours etc.



On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Paul Pianta wrote:

> is there any way to grab a copy of the XFree86 file used during the
> anaconda installation?
> i ask because i have a machine that installs in graphical mode but when
> it comes to rebooting the machine - X crapped out at the rhgb stage.
> This was solved by removing rhgb from the grub line but then trying to
> init 5 - X had troubles again. I now boot init 3 but cant get X to run
> (the graphics card is an old cyrix something or other)
> I'm thinking if anaconda can get the X config right - why not steal a
> copy of its config and use it later?
> any ideas?
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