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Re: installation redhat

boucetta-hela freesurf fr wrote:

j'ai voulu installer linux redhat 8.0 et 9.0 sur un ordi portable
danslequel ilya une carte pci firewire IEEE 1394 mais à chaque fois
l'installation se bloque lors de la detection des peripheriques et se
plante sur la detection du driver de la carte et j'aurais même pas la main
à continuer l'installation . j'ai même essayé avec mandrake mais je
rencontre toujours le même problème .
s'il vous plait est ce que vous pouvez m'aider.

its not likely that your going to get any other responses to your mail.
Its pretty much an english speaking mailing list but i can try to give
you some suggestions ...

have you checked if you firewire card is supported on the redhat HCL
(Hardware Compatibility List)? If your card is not there, then its not
officially supported by redhat.

The best thing for you to do is to run a KNOPPIX cd on your machine
(because it has auto-hardware detection a bit different to redhats) and
try your luck at getting the card detected with that. If your card is
detected under knoppix, you can find out which module(driver) is loaded
and used, and then work on getting that same module loaded under redhat!

good luck and if you repost - give it a try in english - even if your
english is really bad, it will be read by more people than a french post ;)

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