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RE: Re-size hdd's

SuSe 9.0 does support it, too. Would be really great to have this for Red

I was already thinking of adding it to the %pre section of my ks file.
However I have not found the proper tool yet.


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Subject: Re: Re-size hdd's

Mandrake includes the ntfsresize program inside their installer.  I've
thought about bringing it over and somehow incorporating it into
anaconda, but I have not had the chance.

Maybe you could just bring ntfsresize over to some NFS share and run it
in %pre.

Anyone else resizing FAT32 or NTFS during a Red Hat install?


On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 17:07, Alexander Rau wrote:
> Is there a way to re-size hdd's that are already partitioned either in
> FAT32 or NTFS during anaconda install?
> Thanks
> AR
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