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Re: grub.conf

Use the open-source ks-postinstall stuff from
http://kickstart-tools.sf.net.  In %post, you call the ks-postinstall
script like this:
/usr/lib/ks-postinstall/postinstall --bootmanager GRUB --desktop KDE

You can pass it various command-line options.  It justs takes those
options and stores them as Key/Value pairs in post.conf.  It then calls
the postinstall script which loops thru all scripts in postinstall.d. 
Those scripts can ". post.conf" and use the values to perform actions. 
We use this to configure monitors, mice, motd, DNS, nscd, nisplus, etc.
all during %post.

I just posted the latest version here:

When you want to add a script, make a new RPM (ks-postinstall-whatever)
which requires ks-postinstall.  It should place one or more scripts in
/usr/lib/ks-postinstall/postinstall.d.  It gets installed during
kickstart and the %post section will call the main postinstall script
(and your scripts as well).


On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 13:24, Jason Montleon wrote:
> Where/how does anaconda generate grub.conf?  I am trying to modify the first
> Fedora CD to handle an install for a headless system, such that I should
> basically never have to put a monitor/mouse/keyboard on it.  Technically it
> is possible now, but I'd like to go just one step fruther...
> What I have done is this:
> Modify the isolinux.cfg to spit output to a serial console; just append
> console=ttyS0,9600
> Modify the initscripts package such that /etc/inittab contains the line
> 0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty ttyS0 9600
> Modify the setup package so that /etc/securetty contains ttyS0 as a secure
> tty
> I think all that I'm missing now is a method in which I can alter the
> anaconda generated grub.conf to output to a serial interface; which I know
> how to do if I can alter how anaconda generates it...
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