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Compatibility of Python versions with Anaconda



I am working on porting parts of anaconda to a PowerPC system to make a customized installer. My experience lies mostly with FreeBSD, so I am new to the Linux environment. My job requires me to do this, so that's why I'm doing it =)


Anyway, we are running RedHat 7 on a PowerPC box. I downloaded the source for anaconda-7.3. I noticed that it uses Python1.5, which is very old. anaconda-7.3 installs fine on the PowerPC system. I am not too comfortable about working with an old version of Python. Anaconda-8.0.4 uses Python-2.2, but this version of anaconda will not install on the PowerPC (failed dependencies... too many!).


I would like to know if it is possible to use the Python2.2 scripts in anaconda-8.0.4 with anaconda-7.3? Will there be any compatibility issues? I am extremely new at this, so sorry for all my questions. My other question is, which is the installation python script that gets executed after the loader is run?





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