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Fedora (FC1) anaconda runtime woes.

Has anyone had any luck rebuilding instalation ISOs from the anaconda
runtimes as shipped with FC1? (anaconda-9.2-2)

I had to hack up buildinstall, as it failed after "Going to run
buildinstall again".  (After searching the list other users ran into and
fixed this issue in the same way.)

I finally got ISOs built, but Anaconda bails out with python HTML errors
when starting the installer.

Bugzilla Bug #107880


Is currently a show stopper for numerous machines here, as the kernel
hangs when you have an Intel 440GX chipset.  I have rebuild new kernel
RPMs with this patched.

Instead of rebuilding the whole installer, I also tried dropping in a
replacement isolinux/vmliunuz, but the modules ended up mismatching in
initrd.  There doesn't seem to be a quick and dirty way to just rebuild
vmlinuz + initrd and drop it in.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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