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RE: pkgorder and documentation

Were to start, though?

I guess maybe we should come up with a table of contents and ask everybody
what they think should be in the table of contents and then build on that?

For sure it needs an Introduction, Further Info, Installation, Individual
explanation of binaries and so on.

Maybe somebody can offer some web space for a web site where a working copy
of the how to can be viewed at so people know where we are at and what still
needs contributing to.


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On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 16:33, Alexander Rau wrote:
> 1) It gets installed when you install anaconda/anaconda-runtime rpms
> 2) I/We wish

What ever happened to the discussion about an anaconda FAQ or working on
the anaconda documentation project?  We had several people volunteer to
help (including myself), but it hasn't gone anywhere.  I guess that I'll
volunteer to take a look at the anaconda doc project and see what we
need to do.


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