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RE: pkgorder and documentation

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 10:06, Alexander Rau wrote:
> Were to start, though?
> I guess maybe we should come up with a table of contents and ask everybody
> what they think should be in the table of contents and then build on that?
> For sure it needs an Introduction, Further Info, Installation, Individual
> explanation of binaries and so on.
> Maybe somebody can offer some web space for a web site where a working copy
> of the how to can be viewed at so people know where we are at and what still
> needs contributing to.

I'd suggest that we take this discussion to the fedora-docs-list. 
That's what it is there for ;o)

I just started a discussion there about anaconda, so we'll see where
that heads.  Your idea about a TOC is a good one, and you, having
recently gone through the build process, should have some good ideas
about what to include.


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