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Re: pkgorder and documentation

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 04:07, Akbar S. Ahmed wrote:
> Pavel Ivanov wrote:
> > 2) Is there any anaconda documentation?
> Alexander Rau wrote:
> > 2) I/We wish
> I've seen the question regarding Anaconda docs a million times. 
> Shouldn't this be added to the top of the documentation project needs.

It's all a matter of people with time and interest...  as I've said, I'm
more than willing to look over stuff, I just don't really have time to
write things.

> Perhaps a good place to start is to document what the future feature 
> direction will be and to start docs on the new code as it is added. Then 
> slowly over time "retrofit" the docs to cover older code.

My current feature direction is "get things working with 2.6" :-) 
Beyond that, I have a few ideas, but I need to flesh them out a little
more before talking much about them.  And figure out what actually
appears to be doable with various timeframes.  I don't intentionally go
out with the plan of changing buildinstall, etc every release, it just
tends to happen :/

> Does anyone know if Red Hat has docs on this internally? Are they 
> planning on releasing this info (if they have it) as part of the Fedora 
> project?

Nope, if we had docs, I would have put them out there already.  Most of
the "documentation" at this point is bottled up in my head (and a few
other people's)


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