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support for reiserfs in install from hdd

  I had real difficulty installing fedora, i had downloaded the fedora
iso's into my reiserfs partition and booted from the kernel image and
chose install from hdd. Now it does not find the iso at the specified
partition(reiserfs partition). 
I thought the kernel of the installer is not compiled with reiser fs
option and thus compiled my custom kernel with reiser fs inbuilt and
even then could not mount the reiserfs partition and thus recognise the
partition. I think the anaconda installer tries to mount the harddisk
partition as a ext2 or FAT fs alone.

Finally got fed up and copied everything to a ext3 partition (i had to
change my one reiserfs partition to ext3) and installed from that though
it gave some warning messages that mounting ext3 partition as ext2, i
did not care about that.

Hoping to see better support for other file systems in install from hard
disk in future versions of fedora. Especially for people with a setup
like me having only linux all over the hard disks with no ext2 or fat

 I dont even know if the kernel that comes with the installer has
reiserfs support but since it supports reiserfs installation it should
be having reiserfs support. Please point me to right direction.


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