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kernel-smp question


I'm creating a custom RH9 kickstart install CD, and I have a question
regarding the kernel-smp RPM.

First, just to make sure I understand correctly - on multi-cpu machines
I'm supposed to install the kernel-smp instead of the kernel RPM, right?

Ideally, I'd like to make one CD that will match both one-cpu and
multi-cpu machines, i.e. when booting the machine with the CD, if the
machine has one cpu, the kernel will be installed, and if it's
multi-cpu, the kernel-smp will be installed. Is this possible? If so,
how do I do that?

Specifically, do I need to make any updates to the ks.cfg? To the
(currently, the ks.cfg has only @Base and @Core in the %packages


p.s. I followed mainly Brett Schwarz's article, so if anyone has any
question regarding the usage of this article for RH9, maybe I can help.

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