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curses ascii-art dialog boxes during kickstart install


  A newbie on this list - but I have read archives and am on
  the kickstart list.

  I have been through Luigi Bitonti's RH 8.0 kickstart customisation,
  and it all works great.

  I have fewer drivers on the floppy boot images, allowing for a
  bigger post-install script, I even have my own splash-screen ..

  I have a new toplevel install bundle, with a new class file.

  I have added a bunch of my own RPMs to the distribution.

  I yum-ified the RPM directory before burning the CD.

  However ...

  During the install I get ascii-art dialog boxes that say 44%
  instead of nice thermometer progress meters ..

  I have cut down a lot of the RPMs on the CD, and fixed up the
  comps file appropriately - but I obviously cut it too far.

  What must I add back in to get graphical dialog boxes ?

  I presume it must be something missing at the buildinstall
  phase ? Is it something that must be installed on the machine
  that runs buildinstall ?

  slang ? newt ? I have those packages and their devel versions
  but it still draws ascii lines.

Cheers,   Andy!

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