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Re: curses ascii-art dialog boxes during kickstart install

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Andy Rabagliati wrote:

>   During the install I get ascii-art dialog boxes that say 44%
>   instead of nice thermometer progress meters ..
>   I have cut down a lot of the RPMs on the CD, and fixed up the
>   comps file appropriately - but I obviously cut it too far.
>   What must I add back in to get graphical dialog boxes ?
>   I presume it must be something missing at the buildinstall
>   phase ? Is it something that must be installed on the machine
>   that runs buildinstall ?
>   slang ? newt ? I have those packages and their devel versions
>   but it still draws ascii lines.

To answer my own post, I found the problem.

I had edited mk-images.i386 to only install the non-graphical
applications - I do not want X on this box.

However, upd-instroot erroneously lists


in the PACKAGESGR list, instead of the basic PACKAGES list.

When I added them, and added


to the KEEPFILE list (from KEEPFILEGR) the newt/snack libraries
successfully talked to my "linux" TERM and used color instead
of vt100-style |-+ boxes.

I do not know where  upd-instroot has moved to from Redhat-8.0,
but perhaps someone could check the latest one and fix it if

Cheers,    Andy!

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