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Re: strange comps.xml packages

You can safely remove them if you are running an x86 machine.  These
packages are for IA64/PPC/s390 machines.

You can just leave them in as well.  You'll get a warning message on
VT4(?) during installation, but it is harmless.


On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 14:00, Paul Pianta wrote:
> hi people
> in a quick run through comps.xml i have found several 'mystery' packages 
> that are listed in the 'core' group:
>       <packagereq type="mandatory">efibootmgr</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type="mandatory">elilo</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type="mandatory">s390utils</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type="mandatory">yaboot</packagereq>
>       <packagereq type="mandatory">ppc64-utils</packagereq>
> and the 'base' group:
>       <packagereq type="default">prctl</packagereq>
> There are no rpms for these packages in the RPMS directory. My question 
> is - can i remove these lines from the comps.xml safely or are they 
> there for a specific purpose?
> thanks
> pantz

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