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Re: regarding changes in anaconda


I have done this before. The method I use for creating my cds is copying the files I want from the Fedora CDs then modifying the files by hand.

Things like the Distribution name and version are held in a file called .buildstamp. 

this file is found in /images/bootdisk.img
this has to me mounted: 

mount -o loop bootdisk.img /mnt/bootdisk

then there is a file in there is called initrd.img

this one needs to be unzipped then loop mounted. 

mv initrd.img /tmp/initrd.gz
gunzip initrd.gz
mount -o loop /tmp/initrd /mnt/initrd

 The /mnt/initrd/.buildstamp file looks something like this: 

Fedora Core

you can change it to whatever you like. Remember unmount the image and rezip and move it back into bootdisk.img wwhen you are done. The last line(Fedora) is the path on the cd. make sure to take caution when changing this one. 


On Mon, 2 Feb 2004 11:52:47 +0000 (GMT)
Pathik Patel <abhi4091 yahoo co in> wrote:

> hi to all,
>              i want to make changes to the welcome
> screen that appears during text mode installation for
> that i am changing the "welcome_text.py" and "text.py"
> in which i am changing the text Red Hat to my own text
> but it is not reflecting the changes during
> installation time in text mode.in the back screen the
> message (c)2003 Red Hat,Inc. and the web address
> www.redhat.com in the welcome window is also not
> changing even after giving the command make and make
> install.
> these strings are hard coded in anaconda so do suggest
> me some guidelines to make changes to these strings so
> as to make my own installation window dialog.
> reply to me,
> with warm regards,
> pathik patel
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