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Re: problems with hard coded items


Regarding the

"Welcome to Redhat Linux (c) 2003 Red Hat, Inc,"

The first Redhat is from the .buildstamp file. 
The rest if from text.py. 
In order to make changes in the text.py file you need to make the changes in the file stage2.img. This one is a cramfs so you need to mount it, then make a copy of it. After you make your changes to the copied stage2 directory do mkcramfs. 

This is the way that I do it. It may not be elegant but it works


On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 13:07:02 +0000 (GMT)
Pathik Patel <abhi4091 yahoo co in> wrote:

> Whatever u said in site can be done by any novice user
> of changing just redhat images.I want to change the
> Text BAsed Installation. 
> I hav changed most of text based messages where Redhat
> appears but i was not able to change two instances.
> (1) The background image where written like"Welcome to
> Redhat Linux (c) 2003 Red Hat, Inc," This text is
> HARDCODED into the "text.py" but though chnging &
> compiling i was unable to get it changed.
> (2) The welcome screen of installation. Where two
> instances of Redhat one is written as "Official
> Documentation from "Redhat" other one is its site
> address. These both are also HARDCODED. So my
> experience is that whatever is hardcoded is not
> chnging.
> So if u can help me out mail me soon.
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