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Reply: Hardcoded Names

Hello Friends,
  I don't have the previous mails with regard to Hardcoded names. So I am starting from scratch. One of the list-member wrote that he can't remove the Welcome message by RedHat Inc during text mode installation. But I have changed all the text having RedHat Inc from my custom installation. These items are not hardcoded in the distro. First of all we can pass the name of your custom distro as an argument to buildinstall command. Then what is left is some greetings. The files(the numbers indicate line numbers) that I have changed are
4.partedUtils.py:474 ; Added one more line.
All these files are in the anaconda-9.2 package.

Is there any other files in which the name of "Red Hat Inc" appears? If any one has any idea please report.

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