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A newbies? question


I need a little assistance/explanation/direction here.

I am a contractor working on a project that needs to install Fedora,
SELinux, and then a Custom built application. I have the procedure
pretty well laid out using the fedora CDs, the SELinux source and RPMS
and source for the custom apps.

Currently the instructions are on a web page. What I really need to do
is create a couple of categories under the Fedora install that will let
me select and install the RPMs while/after I install Fedora.

I have been using this web page (Bob's Anaconda HOWTO - Release Setup)


to introduce me to modification of the Redhat install and it has gotten
me to the point that I can create a Unified Build Tree and a Set of ISOs
that I can use for the new project.

I have been able to complete this up to the point where I have added a
custom section called "SELinux" to the Group Hierarchy. After that I am

I don't understand what to do at this point to create new/modified
packages and ensure that I can include them as part of the comps.xml

I have been to the page:


and read the instructions, but they have not really answered my

Here is an example of what I am trying to do

    <name>SELinux Installation</name>
    <description>Install this group of packages to configure the system
for SELinux installation.</description>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">autoconf213</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">elfutils-devel</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="mandatory">libcroco-devel</packagereq>

    <name>HF Development Environment</name>
    <description>Install this group of packages to configure the system
for HF Development.</description>
    <packagereq type="mandatory">libfwbuilder-1.0.2-2.fdr1</packagereq>
    <packagereq type="mandatory">fwbuilder-1.1.2-1.fdr1</packagereq>
    <packagereq type="mandatory">fwbuilder-ipt-1.1.2-1.fdr1</packagereq>



Two groups and two categories.

The other thing I am not sure of is how the packagereq's get their
titles. Here are the actual packages I want to install. The first set is
on Disc-3 of the fedora set, just not installed. and the next group is a
set of RPMs that have brought in from outside.



And a last thing... what actually determines the order of the installs?
For the above, I want to install it last but the libfwbuilder has to
come before the fwbuilder.

Thanks for any and all help. Any clarification needed, I am working most
of the day Sat, Sun & Monday. I would really like to be past this hump
by Tuesday.

Nick (Nix) Gray
Senior Systems Engineer
Bruzenak Inc.
(512) 331-7998

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