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Re: A newbies? question

On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 04:29, Alain TAUCH wrote:

Thanks for the response Alain

> On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 19:13:40 -0600
> Nick [Nick] wrote:
> [...]
> Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm
> Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for libfwbuilder-1.0.2-2.fdr1.i386.rpm
> Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-ipt-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm
> Nick> 
> Nick> Can someone tell me how to add this information??
> This should have been done when running pkgorder or buildinstall.
> You didn't mention if you had erros when running pkgorder.
> IIRC pkgorder uses the comps file. following your steps, it seems that 
> you changed your comps file _after_ running pkgorder so it may not 
> have added info about your packages.

No I haven't changed it. between the 

I am running the steps in order and only get these errors on these
programs. the two libs which support this program don't create these
errors. Could it be that since these are programs that are not part of
the normal distrbution, that the RPM is missing information or this
system is missing something which is needed to order these?

> Nick> Next question: Does the CD based install still use a kickstart file? I
> Nick> want to run postinstall commands when doing this install.
> yes you _can_ use a kickstart file when running a CD based install.

I guess I may have phrased this question incorrectly, I have always used
floppies with a kickstart to run a CD based installation. I want to know
how to modify the installation so that no floppy is needed. In other
words I dont want another CD or floppy,  I want to modify the program
that runs off the cd so that it runs a script at the beginning/end.

Does the normal cd based install use a kickstart file that is on the CD
that can be changed?

Nick (Nix) Gray
Senior Systems Engineer
Bruzenak Inc.
(512) 331-7998

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