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Most of my questions answered - Thanks Alain


They say if you put enough monkeys on a typewriter eventually you will
get Shakespeare.

I started out with a standard install and was able to add my two groups.
I still have a problem and a question. Nothing I can't live with
tomorrow, but I would like to solve over time.


I get the error from:

genhdlist --hdlist $HDFILE --productpath $PRODUCT_PATH $BASEDIR




WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm
WARNING: ordering not found for libfwbuilder-1.0.2-2.fdr1.i386.rpm
WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-ipt-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm

I am able to complete the buildinstall and I have split the build and
written it to CDs.

What happens is, when the install gets to the fwbuilder stuff it
requires that I swap out disks. It ask for 1, installs a few rpms, ask
for two, installs a few more and then finally ask for three again where
you can see that it is installing all the fwbuilder stuff.

So I wonder again, how does this functionality work. Obviously the point
of specifying a package order would be to prevent this from happening.
But I see nothing that indicates how you would do this for new packages.


The next question I have is. I want to run a rather large post-install.
Large in the sense of time and size. My initial plan was to create an
RPM, install it, and run the post-install script on the files it
creates. The problem is the RPM is about 238M in size. Most of these
things are source code so I guess I could just package them up
individually. But a few (Java) for example are pre-compiled binaries.
What is the preferred method of doing this. 

Thanks again


Nick (Nix) Gray
Senior Systems Engineer
Bruzenak Inc.
(512) 331-7998

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