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Re: Most of my questions answered - Thanks Alain


On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:41:30 -0600
Nick [Nick] wrote:

Nick> I get the error from:
Nick> genhdlist --hdlist $HDFILE --productpath $PRODUCT_PATH $BASEDIR
Nick> where
Nick> HDFILE=/data/selinux/Fedora/Core1/custom/SELinux/Core1/Fedora/base/hdlist
Nick> BASEDIR=/data/selinux/Fedora/Core1/custom/SELinux/Core1
Nick> of 
Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm
Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for libfwbuilder-1.0.2-2.fdr1.i386.rpm
Nick> WARNING: ordering not found for fwbuilder-ipt-1.1.2-1.fdr1.i386.rpm
Nick> I am able to complete the buildinstall and I have split the build and
Nick> written it to CDs.
Nick> What happens is, when the install gets to the fwbuilder stuff it
Nick> requires that I swap out disks. It ask for 1, installs a few rpms, ask
Nick> for two, installs a few more and then finally ask for three again where
Nick> you can see that it is installing all the fwbuilder stuff.
Nick> So I wonder again, how does this functionality work. Obviously the point
Nick> of specifying a package order would be to prevent this from happening.
Nick> But I see nothing that indicates how you would do this for new packages.

Well I quickly looked at genhdlist.c but couldn't find an appropriate 
explanation to your errors, maybe a packaging problem. I have no time to 
check this right now and try to reproduce your errors. If you are in a 
hurry, just edit your pkgorder file after generating it and put your packages 
where you think they should stand.
This should do the trick.



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