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Re: redhat-install-packages sometimes fails with /mnt/cdrom errormessage

Toralf Lund wrote:

On some of our Red Hat 9 machines,

redhat-install-packages <rpms>

will fail with the message

Install Tree Not Found

   The path /mnt/cdrom does not look
   like a valid installation source

- which seems a bit strange, since this variant of the tool is supposed to install specific RPMs passed on the command line, not read a distribution CD.

On other hosts, the command works as expected, i.e. it will try to install or upgrade the packages specified on the command line rather like 'rpm -U' would. I'm really baffled by this, as I've looked and looked again, but I just can't see any differences between the hosts where this command works as expected an the ones where it doesn't. Any ideas?

Just for the record:

The problem seems to be that redhat-config-packages *requires* a distribution tree, presumably to find out about dependencies. It will use the (partial) one installed via the "comps" package if it exists, but look for an install media if it doesn't. Here is a little trick I'm (now) using to trick redhat-install-packages into installing when I have neither the comps package nor a distribution tree

cat > .discinfo <<EOF
Fake Dist

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