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Questions about keyboard languages


Firs of all sorry for my English.

Anyone know what to change in anaconda to:

1)Make default (first) keyboard language ? English, even if you choose different language of installation. 
Example: I choose Russian during the installation but I want my keyboard write on english first and on russian only 
after I type shift+shift (because I think there is no data that need to be written on native language during the 
installation. I think people usually use English usernames, passwords and computers names).

2)By the way how to change this shift+shift to another (alt+shift for example).

3)How can I delete an ability of chose some languages as supported in system (for example I want to delete Chainese and 
I found how to delete them from installation language table (lang-table file) but I can't find how to delete them from 
supported languages.

4)How can I make default (first) keyboard language in my system ? English. Example: when I install on russian it writes 
in XF86Config ?Option XkbLayout ru,us? but I want English first - ?Option XkbLayout us,ru?.

I think this will be interesting not only for me. 
Sorry for my English once more.

  {00} Peace, Pavel Ivanov
 / \/ \  E-mail: pi mail by
/{    )\   ICQ#:   51473881
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