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Re: rpm404-python package missing from RHEL ES 3

Hi Dominic,

Chan, Dominic wrote:
I am a bit confuse?  So is caosity Linux their own distro of Linux?  Or
is it a modified version of RHEL Linux?  Are they a WS,ES,AS version of

Caosity is just the web site.

They have a few different projects:
1. cAos is a new RPM-based community distro
2. CentOS-2 is a rebuild of RHEL 2 with the RH trademarks removed
3. CentOS-3 is a rebuild of RHEL 3 with the RH trademarks removed

As for WS, ES, and AS versions I am not sure.

I know some people that have tried our CentOS-3 and all were happy with it. I don't know anyone that has tried cAos yet.



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Hi David,

David Lefcourt wrote:

I have discovered that rpm404-python is not available with RHEL ES 3 -


Check out www.caosity.org. They have done a good job of finding missing packages.

The build you want to look at is CentOS-3 (http://www.caosity.org/index.php?option=displaypage&Itemid=62&op=page&S

Thanks, Akbar

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