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Anaconda on Alpha

Hi folks - I'm in the middle of a somewhere ambitious project to get
Fedora Core 2 up and running on Alpha systems. I'm a bit of a
masochist when it comes to picking hobbies, I think.

Anyway ... I've got 95% of the system rebuilt, and my development
system is running a pretty close facsimile of FC2. My next trick is to
get a bootable install CD set. I've got a tree, the right bits are in
the right places, and the buildinstall process is working fine.
"anaconda --test etc..." seems to be doing the right thing. Looks like
an FC2 install, anyway.

The glitch is coming during the initial boot. There's something screwy
with the initrd setup, it seems. mk-images.alpha seems sane (I've
updated it slightly based on the other architecture scripts, given
that it probably hasn't been touched since RH 7.2). It's creating
images, at any rate.

Basically, when the installer launches, the kernel fires up, starts
/sbin/loader, pops up the first stage of the install process and asks
about language selections. It doesn't get much further, since all the
module insertions are failing and saying that the modules can't be
found. No SCSI controller module = dead end on my system.

I've been over the generated modules.cgz (with a little help from
"strings"), and all the modules I've specified seem to have made it
into the image. I've updated hwdata since my SCSI controller module
name changed between 2.4 and 2.6, and once I got to that point the
console messages claim it's _trying_ to insert the qlogicisp module -
it just can't find it.

Any suggestions as to where to start prodding at this are welcomed.
I'm starting to suspect that I've modularised some part of the kernel
that I should have built in, but I'm not sure what it might be. Of
course, that may be the wrong track entirely. Something
architecture-specific in the module loader mechanism? I don't know.

Thanks, folks.

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