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Re: Anaconda on Alpha

On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 10:34:54PM +1000, Mike Barnes wrote:
> Hi folks - I'm in the middle of a somewhere ambitious project to get
> Fedora Core 2 up and running on Alpha systems. I'm a bit of a
> masochist when it comes to picking hobbies, I think.

Excellent.  I know a few people who would be intrested in this - I heartily
recommend posting a progress report to fedora-devel.  You'll probably get a few
intresting testers/developers.

> Anyway ... I've got 95% of the system rebuilt, and my development
> system is running a pretty close facsimile of FC2. My next trick is to

Out of curiosity did you do all the kernel work yourself.
> Basically, when the installer launches, the kernel fires up, starts
> /sbin/loader, pops up the first stage of the install process and asks
> about language selections. It doesn't get much further, since all the
> module insertions are failing and saying that the modules can't be
> found. No SCSI controller module = dead end on my system.

OK - I've seen this happen with ethernet on some mac's.  Debugging loader can
be a bit painful.  Load the right module, it detects the ethernet card (MAC
address gets logged in vt) and then it complains that it can't find it.

One thing I suggest you try is noprobe and manually select drivers, of course this may fail too but it may just be the autodetection. This has worked for me with the above ethernet problem - of course this is just a work around and something odd is happening somewhere, but getting a working system is pretty important.

> Any suggestions as to where to start prodding at this are welcomed.
> I'm starting to suspect that I've modularised some part of the kernel
> that I should have built in, but I'm not sure what it might be. Of
> course, that may be the wrong track entirely. Something
> architecture-specific in the module loader mechanism? I don't know.

Try the noprobe test, if that works it's an issue with the test for module loading success.  If not post your results - including any relevant output from tty3/4 when you probe your module.  Then we can start looking at debugging.


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