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RE: EDD disksigs for disks other than 0x80

On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 18:51 -0500, wrote:
>   Here's an early peek at the Edd code that I've rewritten almost
> completely based on your recommendations..Based on my limited testing,
> the code works fine but once we agree on the general scheme of the code
> I will refine it further...

Very nice.  Actually, I'm going ahead and going a step further to commit
it and cleaned it up a little style-wise (mostly just changing to using
sprintf in places instead of strcats, some spacing stuff that could well
be mailer artifact, making methods static, and removing some old/debug
code).  The only real functional change in what I committed is that
instead of having to explicitly call probeBiosDisks(), it figures it out
when it needs to be called.

>          ii) If unique signatures don't exist, it returns with a Warning
> message that attempt to use "EDD Scheme" will fail.Otherwise proceed to
> (iii).
>          iii)Maps BIOS disk num to real device names.
>          iv) If (iii) fails for some reason, it returns with a Warning
> Message that attempt to use "Edd Scheme" will fail, otherwise returns
> with success.

Right now the warnings are just printed, but some better handling of
this will (obviously) have to happen.

>   Let me know  what you think...

Like I said, looked nice so I've gone ahead and committed what's
currently there to the trunk of CVS.  `cvs -d:pserver:
anonymous rhlinux redhat com:/usr/local/CVS co anaconda` should get you
what's currently there.  I haven't tested it beyond "it builds", but
plan to do so either over the weekend or on Monday.


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