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Re: anaconda-ks.cfg file during installation

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 10:00, Paul Pianta wrote:

hi people

I just had a WBEL installation fail during anaconda due to a problem with a certain package. I still have access to ALT-F2 bash shell - so I would like to - if possible - find the anaconda-ks.cfg file that is usually created at the end of a successful install.

Is this file stored temporarily somewhere during the install or is it only created at the end of the install procedure. I have looked in /tmp and /mnt/sysimage/root but I don't see it ...

According to installclass.py, generating that file comes after the package installation and after the bootloader installation. You could change installclass.py, so that it writes it out earlier, but I am not certain that doing that would help.

What error did you get and/or why did you want the ks.cfg file?

Oh wanting the anaconda-ks.cfg file was just a case of me being a bit
lazy because I didn't want to have to go through the manual package
selection process again when I reinstalled. And if the install failed
repeatedly in the same place as the first time ("due to bad media or
corrupt gimp-print-cups package") then I was hoping that I could
kickstart through the install and save myself time ...

Anyhoo - I guess I will just have to make a few extra clicks each time :)

Thanks anyway Forrest - as always - you rock!

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes ...
That way when you do criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes!

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