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New to Anaconda with dumb questions.

These are probably dumb questions, but I'm relatively new to anaconda, not
to linux.

First, I'll try to describe the situation:

I am building linux based file servers for smaller linux/windows shops.  I
want to use the latest kernels and a custom distribution.  I'd like to start
with Fedora Core2 and customize from there.  Unfortunately, I can't get the
core 2 distribution to boot on the machine because the i2o driver doesn't
load and the dpt_i2o driver isn't part of the distribution (I'm using an
Adaptec 2010s based raid for the boot file system).  I tried the trick of
building drivers (with patches from the i2o on linux site), installing them
on a web server and loading them in the middle of the installation start up,
but I never quite managed to make that go.

So, I installed core 1 and built a 2.6.7-bk20 kernel that runs the Adaptec
and the raid just fine and will boot from it.  Therefore, I need to start on
my customized distribution cd's to get core 2 installed using this new
kernel and drivers.

So, here come the questions:

1) Do I need to update the FC 1 system to anaconda 10.? to be able to work
with the FC 2 distribution?

2) Can I even work on the FC 2 distribution in FC 1?  I've seen some stuff
that suggests that it won't work.  If so, how can I bootstrap this provcess?
I guess I'd have to get FC 2 working on another system and build my
customized distribution with the new kernel RPM and SRPM on it.  Is that
really the only way to make this work?

3) Assuming I can make this work on the target system with FC 1, what
packages/versions/patches do I need to install to get anaconda up to speed
for FC 2 work?  It seems like if I need to update a lot of the FC 1
packages, the dependencies are going to cause me to install a lot of
updates.  If I do all that, am I going to break the FC 1 to the point that
it won't run long enough to produce the customized FC 2 cd's?

I guess that's enough questions for now.  I'm sorry for the length of this,
but I'm hoping someone can straightem me out.

Thanks, in advance for any help ...

Hibbard T. Smith, JR
smitty essnjay com

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