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Re: Is there a way to dynamically pick packages to install from Kickstart?

Alex Tang wrote:

I have a "%pre" script that can figure out some hardware stuffs and figure out if i'm on platformX or platformY. I'd like to be able to specify that catX or catY be installed (without asking the user) depending on waht the "%pre" script returns or does.

Is this possible?

I would think it is certainly possible. Depending on what you determine early in your %pre script (lets say you want the packages from catX) - you could then write out to a temp file something like this ...
echo "
@ catX
" > /tmp/packageinfo

then in your ks.cfg file - assuming that you are kickstarting the whole thing - instead of the section where you would normally write %packages you would replace that with %include /tmp/packageinfo. This will import the text from the file you wrote to in your %pre script.

hope that helps


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