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Colors and CJK [Was: Re: Changing the color of the text in a text mode install]

Matthew Miller wrote:
On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 01:15:36PM +1000, Omar Kilani wrote:

Where should I be looking to change the color of the text used during a text mode installation?
snack? rhpl? anaconda?
Can't seem to find it... if it's configurable...


This doesn't seem to affect the anaconda installer (I wanted to change the color from what I persumed to be a default red/orange to yellow, but it's already yellow in newt.)

Both loader and anaconda come up with root text drawn with a strange orange/red color, which has terrible contrast and is rather hard to read for anyone with any sort of color blindness.

If you test FC2, you'll see what I mean. Anaconda 7.2 -> 9.1.2 all have root text drawn as yellow, so I'm not sure where this change occured. There doesn't seem to be anything defining this red/orange color anywhere, and booting with a framebuffer displays the root text in yellow.

Still attempting to find the differences in loader / anaconda between 9.1.2 and 10.0.2.

Another related question, is CJK terminal stuff supposed to work in 10.0.2? What is required to make it work?

If I try "Chinese (Simplified)" in FC2, it just says "Chinese (Simplified) is not available in text mode", though it does work (bterm runs properly) in 9.1.2 on Whitebox.

Any ideas? :)

Omar Kilani

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