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Re: [Patch] add support for FCP devices (mainframe)

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 15:07 +0200, Karsten Hopp wrote:
> This patchs adds a configure screen for FCP devices (SCSI over Fibrechannel
> on mainframe) to the gui mode of anaconda and configures the devices so that
> they are available for partitioning and installation. 

Mostly looks fine.  I'll probably make some tweaks after you commit it,
but a quick read looked sane.  Since fiberchannel stuff is common on !
s390 also, could things be changed to zfcp instead of fcp in most places
(class and method names especially)

> It also writes a config file /etc/zfcp.conf to the installed system.
> Missing stuff: 
>  - parsing a config file in the linuxrc (should be easy, support for reading 
>    /tmp/fcpconfig is already there, it just needs to be written by linuxrc)
>  - verification if valid hex values are entered
>  - booting a zfcp system (tried with a modified initrd, but it seems that
>    the zfcp module takes to long to initialize)
>  - kickstart support

Also need the text mode support.

At the same time, let's go ahead and get this committed and then
refinements will be easier to do.


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