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RE: buildinstall error, is it fatal?

Is /tmp on its own filesystem or are other
directories on the same filesystem?
Run "df /tmp".  If the output shows that
it's mounted on something other than /tmp
than anything under that other mountpoint
could be filling things up.  The df command
will also let you know how much room there


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Thanks for the swift reply

I have 14Gb of disk space and 386Mb of RAM in this box. My /tmp is
almost empty, just some 1k text files.

Any other ideas?


On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:31:50 -0400, David Tegelaar <dtegelaar egenera com>
> Not good but might be an easy fix.  Try clearing
> out space in /tmp filesystem.  I've seen these
> messages (rarely but it's happened on old Unix
> systems) where it really is a lack of memory
> causing these messages--not lack of disk space.
> Try clearing out /tmp fs disk space though and
> hopefully that's all that's needed.
> -dave


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