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Custom Fedora Core 2 : pkgorder problem

Hello All,

I am trying to shrink the Fedora Core 2 distribution
down to a single CD.

I have sucessfully brought the size down to about 500
MB, with 531 RPMs.

custom made comps.xml, dependancy check, genhdlist
(with pkgorder), and buildinstall went thru perfectly.

but when i installed the newly created distribution,
the kernel did not get installed.

install.log shows :

%pre(kernel-2.65.5-1.358) scriptlet failed.
exit ststus 255

A bit of googling led me to believe that this could be
a dependancy issue.

I soon realized that the kernel(i586) rpm was the
first package which was being installed... and i
believe that a lot other rpms need to be installed
well before the kernel rpm (like basesystem,
filesystem, glibc etc)

Now the problem is -- when i run genhdlist (with
pkgorder) or even when i run just pkgorder, the result
is always given with the kernel rpms (i586, i686, smp,
utils) coming right on top, before any other rpms.

why is this happening ?

please help  !!


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