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Re: RPM building - no brp-compress step

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 09:30 +0200, Andy Rabagliati wrote:
> Folks,
>   Hope this is not too far offtopic for this list ..

rpm-list is better place for this.

>   I wish to build rpm packages that contain pictures - in fact
>   image archives from wikipedia.
>   I would like to be able to rsync updated versions of these rpms at
>   a later date, that will be mostly the same, plus/minus a few.
>   As a consequence, I do /not/ want the rpms to be compressed, so
>   that rsync can handle the diffs efficiently.

I assume you want the payload to be rsyncable.  There are a few rpm
delta implementations:


To produce a delta off the original rpm.

>   Is there a spec file directive I can use to specify that the
>   brp-compress step is skipped ?

This is not what you need (but yes you can turn off brp-compress with a

brp-compress compresses man pages/info - it will not affect rsyncs
ability to handle the rpm payload which is compressed cpio.


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