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Re: Attn: List Administrator - Subject line

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Manilal K M wrote:

> Hello list administrator,
>    Please include a snippet about the name of the anaconda-devel-list in the subject line of the postings made on this list. Many people in this list have subsciptions in many of the list and it's very difficult to find out where the posting is made from. The only option is to open the mail and it's very tedious. So please include some snippet like ADL or something like that in the subject line, so that it will be helpful for many of the list members.

PLEASE wrap your lines. They are VERY hard to read.

Fortunately Red Hat does not put this kind of garbage in the subject lines.
All you need to do is filter the messages based on a line in the header.
For instance you can filter on X-BeenThere: anaconda-devel-list redhat com 
One of these lines exists in each and every message from this list.
Problem solved.

Oh, BTW: administrative messages should be sent to the list administrators
address instead of spamming any list with such requests.


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