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BhaskerReddy Amireddy wrote:
Hello all,

what is the use of TRANS.TBL in RedHat9.0 CD's

The translation tables are part of the the ISO9660 CDROM standard. I believe you will see those going back to the Red Hat 6.x to the current Fedora Core series. The trans.tbl file is generated by the mkisofs command via the -T option. You may want to do a man mkisofs and then do a /trans to get a better picture of how the trans.tbl files are used. Here's the -T block from the man page to get you started:

"Generate a file TRANS.TBL in each directory on the CDROM, which can be used on non-Rock Ridge capable systems to help establish the correct file names. There is also information present in the file that indicates the major and minor numbers for block and character devices, and each symlink has the name of the link file given.


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