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Re: error in executing buildinstall

i m facing a problem in executing buildinstall utility to create installer image.<BR>
1) not able to create anaconda directory while executing this which is created by buildinstall utility itself path(/current path/redhat/instimage/usr/lib/)<BR>
2) mkfontdir command within the buildinstall file fails to create the folowing directories<BR>
/current path/redhat/instimage/usr/sharefonts/ISO8559-9/*<BR>
in next step we find that <BR>
/current path/redhat/instimage/usr/X11R6/bin/mkfontdir itsself not created.<BR>
later while scrubbing trees i find that<BR>
/current path/image-template/usr/sbin/anaconda  directory doesn't exist.<BR>

Ms. Tanu Agarwal,

Can you share the ouput u got while running buildinstall .
I think then I can help you

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