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Re: problem while using splittree.py

Manilal K M 写道:

On 8/15/05, feijianjiang <feijianjiang xteamlinux com cn> wrote:

Hi guys:
I want to build my own discs set to fit my needs based on FC4, so I
eddit the comp.xml,

prepare some environment and so on. Finally I execute genhdlist ,
pkgorder, buildinstall and

splittree.py, all seems good untill splittree.py is run .

I execute splittree.py as following:

splittree.py --arch=i386 --total-discs=1 --bin-discs=1
--release-string="mylinux" --pkgorderfile=/home/hunter/pkgorder.txt
--distdir=/home/hunter/i386 --srcdir=/home/hunter/i386

I got the following errormessage:
File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py", line 465, in ?
logfile = timber.main()
File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py", line 386, in main
File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py", line 259, in splitRPMS
pkg_nvr = nvra("%s/%s/RPMS/%s" %(self.dist_dir, self.product_path,
File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py", line 39, in nvra
h = _ts.hdrFromFdno(fd)
_rpm.error: error reading package header

Can anyone tell me how to fix this error? Thank you very much!

Hello, I think you have missed up certain options for splittree.py . Try out this command: # /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py --arch=i386 --total-discs=6 --bin-discs=3 --src-discs=3 -–release-string="My Linux" --pkgorderfile=/home/fedora/pkgorder --distdir=/home/fedora/i386 --srcdir=/home/fedora/ --productpath=Fedora

Good luck

thanks I have resolved the problem. Something is wrong with the command "rpm" in my PC. I reinstall the rpm package and the splittree.py works fine. Also your suggestion is very helpful.


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