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Customize my own distrib.

Start of point:

i am new trying to do my own distrib. on RedHat.

for RPM select and order i already checked with %packages --resolvdeps  in KicStart CD, all RPMS was installed without problem,

i customize these RPMs on /tomypath/RedHat/RPMS,  /tomypath is the directory where i mount CD N°1

i erase TBL files and hdlist,

i use gengdlist like usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist --withnumbers --productpath=RedHat <your_path>


1)if i am using ks.cfg with my selected RPMs with nothing changed on content from CD N°1 everything is ok

2)if i am trying to select more than one CD for RPMs space (very close to 2 CDs),  so i had like to know if it is possible to burn my select RPMs on a DVD,

either with same method and .discinfo comming from the CD N°1,

or with other way?




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