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Re: Support for setting ksdevice to the interface used for PXE

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 13:56 +0100, Alex Kiernan wrote:

I've been trying to sort out our kickstart infrastructure and hit one
box I just could get to co-operate without external intervention - it
has three NICs, the onboard ones start at eth1 (which is the one I
need it to use), but eth2 also has a link (which is why ksdevice=link
didn't help).

Yeah, that's the hard one...

So instead I implemented `ksdevice=bootif' which when used with
`IPAPPEND 2' in your pxelinux.cfg pulls the BOOTIF variable off the
command line and uses the mac PXE booted the machine from as the
interface for ksdevice (which exactly matches the behaviour I want).

Aha, yet another pxelinux option that helps that people don't know
about :-) Seems like a reasonable enough way to do things.

Not sure if you prefer such things in bugzilla or mail.

Would it not be easier for users to enumerate all the interfaces and use the first one that works?

You might need to do it twice, once to get the ks file, and then again to get the installer.

I have no problems with helping an installer who attaches the box to two networks that can install on it to get into trouble by getting the wrong image:-)

Can we get a ks file by tftp without putting it into the initrd image?



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