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Re: I don't want to customize my own distribution.....

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John Summerfied wrote:
> Dustin kirkland wrote:
>> Hey list-
>> I think since I joined this list earlier this year, probably 3/4 of
>> the traffic has been requests to help customize distributions.
>> I was wondering if it would make any sense at all to separate "the
>> further development of the anaconda toolset" and "the roll your own
>> distro starting with Fedora" into different lists?
> Not a lot I'd think. The volume is not high, those best able to answer
> would need to be on both lists to provide a service, and the questions
> here show what needs to be covered by anyone who feels an urge to document.
Speaking of feeling the urge to document, perhaps the list traffic will
change as more content is added to the Anaconda wiki,
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda.  You almost have to have a brief
understanding of the anaconda development process at first to roll your
own.  Hence, the traffic.  The only problem is that once critical mass
has been attained few leave trails for others....but that's for the
Anaconda secrets book. ;-) If you have any brief snippets you'd like to
add to the wiki, then please let me know after you have added an account
here http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UserPreferences.  Adding content to
the wiki may be a better way to shape the traffic on this list than
dividing the list.

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